Aliza’s Bee Removal Service

Don’t exterminate! 
Use live removal instead!
Bees work hard to pollinate 400 different agricultural plants - they are a huge part of our eco-system.

About Us

Why Choose Aliza?

  1. 1.Aliza is a mother of two children, three dogs - she cares about the wellbeing of your family as much as her own.

  2. 2.Aliza’s team removes both exterior and interior swarms and hives to ensure the safety of your children.

  3. 3.Aliza also care about the wellbeing of bees to never use extermination. Instead, she gently and effectively relocate the bees to a happy and productive area where they will then work for the rest of their lives in that new location and never return to your property again.

  4. 4.12 years of bee removal experience.

  5. 5.Aliza’s team consists experienced, bonded, ensured general contractors to quickly repair your roof, stucco, siding, walls and put your home back to working order.

  6. 6.Aliza’s team also consists highly trained cleaning service to clean up after the removal upon request.

  7. 7.FREE ESTIMATE - text us photos of your area of concern and we will give you an estimate within an hour and come to your property within 12 hours.

Serving the Greater San Diego Area

Removal is as easy as A-Bee-C!

A. Take a photo of the area of your concern - text to us!

B. We will call back identifying the problem and give you a pricing.

C.  Removal and relocate the bees ASAP!

Contact Us

Get an estimate over the phone!

  1. 1.Text a photo of your problem to our technician Mike (619) 666-3912

  2. 2.Email us at for non-emergency services.

  3. 3.Find us on Facebook - Aliza’s Bee Removal Service, leave a message or create a post.

  4. 4.Call Aliza personally at (619) 981-1407 for any special requests or concerns.


Aliza’s Family Discount

$50-off for

Families with Children or Pets

expires Dec 31, 2018


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