Meet The Team
  1. Owner
    Aliza is the owner of the business. She runs an educational page on Aliza's Bee Removal Service on Facebook. She offers great recommendations to keep your family safe from bees.
  2. Bee Specialist
    Bee Specialist
    Mike will always answer your questions or work request. He is dedicated to helping you with all big and small jobs from removal to repair. Mike understands bees.
  3. Technician
    The rest of our family, such as Ethan often helps out with your removal request alongside Mike. Our family business services the greater San Diego area and we will come to you.

Our Story

We (Aliza and Mike) have been in the beekeeping business for the past ten years. We have several locally operated mid-size apiaries in Valley Center and Poway. We are a member of the San Diego Beekeeping Society. We understand bee behaviors and the social environmental interactions of bees and humans. Mike also brings 25 years of experience as a union carpenter working primarily in the drywall and plaster industry. We can re-patch and repair any openings after bee removal so you won't need to hire additional repair services to finish the job. We are a one-stop service provider for all of your bee removal needs.

About BEES

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Have you noticed there are less and less bees in the past few years? According to a study done by Yale University - "Declining Bee Populations Pose a Threat to Global Agriculture" - one of every three bites of food eaten worldwide depends on pollinators, especially bees, for a successful harvest. For much of the past 15 years, beekeepers, primarily in the United States and Europe, have been reporting annual hive losses of 30 percent or higher, substantially more than is considered normal or sustainable.

Can you imagine us living without almonds, honey, or only getting 30% of our current fruit yield due to the population decline of bees? This is often something that's not in the back of our minds on a daily basis, nevertheless the threat is real. 

So whenever we can, we always consider the global and ecological impact of bees, and make the choice for sustainability. We will always tell you up front if your problem can be simply fixed by yourself, or if not we will offer our full support. And whenever possible, we will conduct a full relocation. We guarantee the bees currently living in your yard, under your stucco roof, or under the hood of your car will be completely removed with their entire colony, and they will never return.

San Diego County, California, USA
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